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Blondesse - The Essence of Blond

Blondesse is a professional line – versatile, safe and complete – to satisfy all the blond needs both in salon and at home.

Blond will always remain one of the most iconic and loved colours by women. This is why bleach services are the most requested service, but also the most challenging, because it can damage the hair structure and the final result may be different from the expectation.

Blondesse is the new professional line designed for ensuring natural or intense lightening with delicate or extreme results. A complete and safe bleaching system that offers all the solutions to achieve an excellent technical service, with full respect for the hair structure. A smart line, defined by speed of execution and simple application, that caters for every technical and creative need of colourists.

The Blondesse range consist of:

• 6 Bleaches – to allow the stylist to choose the most suitable bleaching for the desired technical result based on the hair structure

• 10 acid based demi-permanent Toners – a colour palette to customise blond with trendy shades

• 2 Treatments – products with intoxicating fragrances and textures to maintain a perfect result both in salon and at home.

Why you will love Blondesse:

1. Incredible professional performance

2. Protection of the hair fibre and scalp

3. Patented technology

4. Complete professional system

5. Absolute versatility

6. Fast execution

7. Simple application

8. Sensory comfort

9.Home maintenance range

10. Competitive pricing

Blondesse offers hairdressers all the products to express their creativity, ensuring competitiveness in the market and top product performance.

A perfect colour, shining and lasting that respects the beauty of the hair.

For prices and specials, email or contact on Tel: +27 18 468 1001 or WhatsApp +082 870 2587.

Visit for more information.

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