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Clicks Advert Withdrawn After Outcry

A recent advert from Clicks, depicting Afro hair types as problematic and only Caucasian hair as “normal”, was removed and Clicks issued an apology after the advert caused an outcry.

Hairnews is glad that this advert was removed as it is wrong, and insulting to the many beautiful and healthy heads of well maintained Afro hair, to imply that this hair type can only be problematic. We hope that Clicks learns from this and that any such advert in the future shows that all hair types can be maintained optimally.

Better still, we hope that clients are encouraged to purchase their products through salons, no matter whether their hair is curly or straight, in order to get the very best advice, and the highest quality of care products so that everyone’s crowning glory looks and feels not just “normal” but “wonderful!”

Support Salons – Purchase Professional, from the professionals!

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