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The Role of Hairnews in the Industry

A quick “refresher course” for those who would like to learn more about the role Hairnews plays in the industry and how the company works:

Hairnews was previously the SA Hairdressers Journal, a print publication. Three years ago the magazine changed to an online format and also changed ownership. Previously owned by Carol-Ann Jamison of Trade Focus Publications, today Hairnews is owned by Jassy Mackenzie of Ukufunda Publishing. It is one of the few publications that has always been privately and independently owned.

The Hairnews team is proudly South African. We are all South African citizens residing in this country who are passionate about making a positive contribution towards our country and our industry and committed to being part of a better future here for all.

As a “trade” publication, Hairnews specialises in the hairdressing industry, with articles on new products, services, trends, industry personalities, business advice, and industry updates, as well as articles of interest on related topics such as beauty and nails.

We do not publish content that reflects negatively on the industry as we are aware that information online is also available and viewable by consumers, who deserve to see the industry in its best light!

As a “trade” publication we are aware of the importance of having a compliant, structured industry and we support this. We communicate frequently with the industry organisations and publish content that helps readers understand the complex legal and governmental processes that they, and the industry, have to comply with, as well as the benefits that they offer to salons.

Because different people prefer different platforms, our content is available on our website, via our e-newsletters, and on social media where we share and boost sponsored posts.

We welcome feedback from readers, and if any reader has problems or issues with a supplier or organisation, we will step in and try to facilitate communication so that the problems can be solved. You are welcome to email with any issues that you are experiencing and we will gladly try to assist!

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