Styles: Riot Girl by Megan Panozzo

My collection this year is inspired by all of the women that I looked up to and have emulated throughout my life.

Women like Annie Lennox, Cindy Lauper and bands like Bikini Kill and L7, started the Riot Girl movement, and inspired so many young women to be the feminists that they wanted to be.

It was no longer about women burning their bras and trying to achieve equality, it was about being unapologetically themselves and living our lives the way we choose, not the way we were told.

The music is fierce and loud, and punk rock was no longer just for men; a movement was born and we have rocked it and continued to be the bad asses we were born to be!

I’m proud to be a riot girl and encourage young women to do the same.

HAIR: Megan Panozzo

PHOTOGRAPHY Alyssa Blake/ Neon Theory

PHOTO ASSISTANT: Zezette Lindqvist

MAKEUP: Jessica Bailey & Emily Mcwilliam

STYLING: Sophia Malmia

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