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SHORT TIME PROCESS – Info and Reminder

The Bargaining Council would like to inform employers that when short time is implemented in your establishment, that Council be informed of such.

Without the details pertaining to the hours employees are now working, the reduced salaries being paid and the agreement entered into between employer and employee, Council cannot make any changes to the monthly contributions.

All changes HAVE to reach Council on or before the 10th of each month for implementation in the coming month. This information should include:

1. A schedule showing all employees in the establishment with the following details:

1.1 Name and Surname

1.2 ID number

1.3 Work Code

1.4 Employee number

1.5 Reduced hours being worked

1.6 Reduced salaries being paid due to short hours

2. Agreement between employer and employees that short time was agreed to between all parties.

These changes should be submitted to or

Should you need any additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact your agent or any Council office. Should no amendments be received before the 10th, contributions will be calculated on the current information loaded on the system.

For more info and contact details please visit the website.

HERE is important info on the new sick pay fund rules for Covid-19 claims, and there is also a link in this article to the sick pay rules. Please read and be informed so that you can help your staff and salon!

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