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Level 2: Can Tea and Coffee be Served In Salon?

With Level 2 being announced, many salons are wondering if this permits them to serve tea and coffee to clients in salon.

The answer to this is NO!

Please continue working as usual, upholding the highest safety standards, with clients, stylists and support staff wearing masks correctly (covering the mouth and nose) at ALL times in the salon.

Going down a level was done to help the economy open further, but the additional contact is likely to cause a surge of cases. This means that it is more important than ever that your salon stays a safe, compliant place where people come to have their hair done!

The primary focus of your salon’s expertise is HAIR and SAFETY.

Remember that having one client remove their mask to take a sip of tea or coffee (or water) puts all clients and staff at risk and also makes other clients feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Yes, restaurants are open, but people who choose to go to a restaurant are accepting that risk.

Hairdressing salons need to minimise their risk and focus on what they do best - hair! If people used to come to your salon for the coffee only, they were coming for the wrong reasons. You need to find other reasons, apart from great hair - and a safe environment is top of the list for many clients in these times.

Rather look for alternative ways to spoil your clients and add value, such as giving them a complimentary bottle of water to enjoy at home, or even a lovely sealed “care pack” of sweets, chocs or biscuits for them to enjoy at home. These will provide that personal touch and show loving care, without requiring masks to be removed in the salon.

Keep your salon a place of safety! Wear masks correctly at ALL times!

Do not touch your mask, or move it in order to speak louder, or wear it so that it falls below your nose.

All of these make clients uneasy and make your salon a higher risk environment.

Remember that your actions you take every day, will influence how flat our curve is!

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