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Create Awe-Inspiring Auburn with the NEW Shades from Koleston Perfect ME+

The Pure Auburn shades from Koleston Perfect ME+ are here and already stand as this season’s must-have colour. From fiery to soft, these shades promise to deliver results that are suited to every client.

The auburn colour collection is inspired by textures and tones from nature. Earthy brunettes to aged coppers, designed to seduce your clients to explore the look that will leave them confident and energised.

The new shades all benefit from a warm golden or copper undertone that can add distinction to any rich shade.

A copper-brown shade for everyone

Auburn is the rich-radiant colour on the red-brown spectrum. The one that can take a fiery red to something more sophisticated or a bland brown into something more vibrant.

The copper-brown shade sits between mahogany and burgundy and is so versatile that it can be tailored to suit most skin tones and eye colours.

Adaptable to any depth and tone, Pure Auburn can be further personlised by mixing it with other Koleston Perfect shades:

From vibrant to soft: Transform this fiery shade to a softer peach hue.

From rich to earthy: Mix it with a caramel blonde for an earthy shade of red.

From dark to light: A deep golden brunette turns velvety soft when mixed with a lighter mahogany brunette.

Shades of Auburn

Auburn boasts many shades, making this the perfect shade for someone who can’t decide between red or brown. Experiment with one of our 6 favourite shades below.

1. True auburn hair

Truest auburn hair colour has the perfect balance of warm red and earthy brown tones, giving off a sun-kissed seventies vibe in summer, and an autumn-leaf richness in the cooler months.

2. Light auburn hair

Perfect for warmer weather, light auburn hair shifts down the shade scale, coming close to a copper, but with a little extra brown added in.

3. Dark auburn hair

Deep brunettes will love dark auburn hair, which features a dash of red to make the colour more eye-catching and ideal for when the temperatures start to dip.

4. Auburn red hair

Veering toward red more than brown, auburn red hair shows higher levels of rust tones, making it a statement colour.

5. Auburn hair with highlights

Adding a few carefully placed highlights can create a spotlight effect through auburn hair, giving the appearance of extra luminosity.

6. Brown hair with auburn highlights

Flashes of light auburn give a brunette base a glossy boost, by adding a few strokes of lightener.

Add the Pure Rebuild Balance Service to your service menu

Treat sensitised and faded hair with the Pure Rebuild Balance Service. Perfect to refresh faded colour and strengthen damaged hair, this services works in combination with WELLAPLEX and Koleston Perfect Pure Auburn shades.

Koleston Perfect ME+ Auburn shade benefits

When you use the Koleston perfect ME+ Auburn shades you’ll get:

• Significantly less hair damage, colour after colour

• A reduced likelihood of a client developing a new allergy to hair colour

• Tones and textures inspired by nature

• A the new Pure Rebuild Balance Service to add to your service menu

Want to stock the new shades? Contact you Sales Rep or Modern Hair & Beauty.

About Koleston Perfect ME+

Koleston Perfect ME+ (KPME+) is Wella’s Professionals purest colour ever and the first permanent colour in the world to eliminate PPD and PPT colour molecules from its formula. ME+ technology replaces the PTD molecule linked to allergic reactions to hair colour and significantly reduces the development of new allergies by up to 60%*. Innovative KPME+ further includes PureBalance Technology to ensure even colour from root to tip and hair that remains healthy and strong after every colour service.

Choose KPME+ for vibrant, long-lasting pure colour with up to 100% grey coverage with less damage colour after colour.

Shades range from black to sun-kissed blonde.

For more than 135 years, Wella Professionals has been one of the world’s leading hair colour brands. In 1950, Wella introduced Koleston, the world’s first permanent colour in a cream consistency. The tradition of world-firsts continues to this day with Wella formulating innovative colour, care, and styling products to meet clients’ ever-changing needs.

*For clients not allergic to hair colourants. Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe, and stylists are urged to implement a patch test as a standard service before any new colour application. ME+ is present in specific Koleston Perfect shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blonde and Deep Browns.


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