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Hairnews Awards Trophy Update

It seems as if our Hairnews Awards were a lifetime ago! Never when we received these gorgeous handcrafted scissor creations, did we imagine the country would be heading into lockdown in the grip of a pandemic.

These beautifully varnished and magnificent looking trophies have remained in my office throughout lockdown, and every time I see them I have been inspired all over again by the resilience, talent and passion in our industry. The trophies have provided hope that better days are ahead!

Now that the industry has opened up and local businesses are operational again, and now that our team is well again as the Hairnews team has been affected by Covid and has had to isolate, we are able to embark on getting the name plates for the trophies and attaching them. This will be started next week – and then the trophies will be couriered to their destinations around South Africa, so every winner should receive theirs by early September! (We need to confirm how long the name plates will take to make!)

We will be in contact with all the prizewinners to confirm that your details are still the same as we are aware some address details may have changed during lockdown.

Congratulations again to our prizewinners!

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