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Prediction: Yes, the Economy Will Bounce Back Post Covid-19

South African futurist Graeme Codrington recently published the following statement on social media:

Our team at TomorrowToday Global has researched the last hundred years of coronavirus pandemics, and have some good news to report: in almost every pandemic in the past, the economic and social recovery has been very quick. The faster the health issues are dealt with, the faster the economy recoveries. Even more interesting is that times of disruption and disaster cause a boom in innovation, which has a lasting legacy after the pandemic is dealt with.

We believe that Covid-19 will ignite a decade of innovation, and we're excited about how this will change our world. What will you, your team and your organisation do to be part of this remarkable decade that lies ahead of us?

You can watch the video that accompanied the post below.

Take-home message? Let’s beat this virus together. Please wear masks correctly at all times and encourage your clients to do likewise. Don’t get ‘virus fatigue’ even though it feels like we’ve been in lockdown forever! Do your part to ensure, every day, that our case transmission decreases so that the health issues can be reduced, and our economy can then move towards recovery!

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