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Maintain Long Hairstyles: Use the NEW Fiber Infusion from Kadus Professional

Many of your clients want to grow their hair, particularly millennials who like longer hairstyles.

However, constant colouring and heat styling has left them with hair that is damaged, dull, and weak.

Hair that is in this state tends only to break. Frustrated, your clients will have to cut their hair before this happens. And for anyone who has ever wanted long hair, constant cutting is not the ideal solution.

The NEW Fiber Infusion from Kadus Professional repairs your client's hair before it breaks. It also allows clients to grow their hair without regularly taking length off its ends.

The range strengthens and instantly reconstruct hair fibres through ingredients such as keratin.

Keratin allows hair to grow by strengthening it while also adding shine and softness.

Up to 97% less hair breakage.

Up to 10x less hair damage*

How keratin improves the hair’s condition

Keratin has been the main ingredient of many hair care ranges and hair treatments. And a lot has been said about its benefits. Simply put, keratin is the protein that keeps hair strong and healthy.

Over time exposure to chemicals and excessive heat breaks down the hair’s keratin and leaves it dull, brittle, and unmanageable. That's why a client who frequently colours and heat styles needs that little extra protection.

Using products that place keratin back into the hair allows it to bond with the hair acting as a fortification against further damage. It provides your client with the protection needed to keep hair nourished and well-conditioned. This limits breakage allowing hair to grow.

Other benefits of keratin-enriched product are that they leave hair shiny and smooth. And it helps to fight frizz and tame fly-aways.

The Fiber Infusion Range

Kadus Fiber Infusion Shampoo

A Shampoo that instantly regenerates the hair. It gently cleanses the hair while perfectly preparing the hair fibres for deep reconstruction. Suitable to use with any hair type.

Kadus Fiber Infusion Reconstructive Treatment

The Reconstructive Treatment instantly reconstructs the hair fibres and is suitable for all hair types. For the best results, use it with Fiber Infusion Shampoo and the 5 Minute treatment.

Kadus Fiber Infusion 5 Minute Treatment

A Treatment that instantly reconstructs and reinforces the hair fibre within 5 minutes. Its lightweight formula nourishes the hair without weighing down leaving hair strong, smooth, and shiny.

Buy Kadus Fiber Infusion for your salon. Contact your Rep or phone 0860 104 107.

Your clients can also shop the range on the MHB Online shop.

About Kadus Professional

For over 80 years, Kadus Professional has developed affordable colour, care and styling products that steadily deliver excellent results. Kadus was founded to specifically provide small salons and independent hairstylists with a comprehensive range of world-class hair products to assist them in affordably expressing their creativity.

Continuous education keeps Kadus stylists up to date with the latest colour and cutting techniques and trends to afford you a tailored service that suits your hair care needs. Kadus products and services will exceed your expectations at a comfortable price.


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