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Safecol Digital Screening App Launches: No More Paperwork for Your Salon!

With a screening questionnaire now compulsory for employees and visitors every time they arrive at the salon, you will find you are faced with far more paper-based admin. Because these screenings are likely to be mandatory for the next 12-18 months at least, how are you going to sustainably and safely implement this data collection to avoid the endless paperwork?

SafeCol Light is a data collection app that provides fast, easy and accurate capturing of screening data for any business large or small, any time, at a cost-effective rate. It has been specifically designed to assist you with capturing the necessary health data, and providing safe, cloud-based storage for this confidential information.

No more paper! No more filing!

Now you can do the health screenings, store the data securely, remove paper questionnaires from your salon, and access all the reports at the touch of a button from anywhere!

Stop the spread of germs through pen and paper sharing (a real risk!) and save time and materials on constantly sanitising your sign-in facilities.

For just R300 per month you will have:

• Easy, user-friendly digital screening checklists with all the Government-mandated protocols, for up to 100 employees and unlimited visitors.

• Fast, easy data capturing that is secure

• Simplified reporting you can download as a pdf

• No training needed – you can start immediately!

Download the app on the App Store and Play Store. It’s free to download, and then you need to subscribe to start using it, for R300 per month.

Registration and payment can be done through the SafeCol Light website.

You can then start screening via this online portal – fast, easily and reliably! Save time, save space, minimise admin and maximise safety!

It’s a month to month subscription and if you no longer wish to use it, you will still have access to all the recorded data during your subscription period.

Visit for more information

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