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COVID-19 TOOLKIT for Hairdressers and Nail Salons

What do I have to do for COVID-19?

The South African Government has allowed the “Personal Care” industry to start working again. Are you familiar with the regulations to have to abide by? Ukhuselo Management Systems has developed a toolkit for use in the Personal Care Industry that provides your business with all the information you need to comply with the regulations and not fall foul of the Department of Labour.

The toolkit is available at a reasonable R700 per toolkit and is downloadable from the Ukhuselo web site HERE. Alternatively you can order via email from neil@ukhuseloservices.co.za. The toolkit will be emailed to you on receipt of a proof of deposit. The toolkit contents are shown below and are the most comprehensive available.

Topics Covered:

• The regulations summarised

• Employee training resources

• Customer screening instructions and templates

• Workplace signage

• Checklists to guide you

• Regular updates as they happen

• Free telephonic advice

Contact Details

Ukhuselo Management Systems

Cell: 061 532 5132

Email: neil@ukhuseloservices.co.za

Web: www.ukhuseloservices.co.za

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