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After 3 months the nightmare is finally over. It's important that we get back to work with the right mindset. With all adversity there is opportunity and it's important that we reload and relook at our business with fresh eyes and ensure we come out of this stronger. We at Twincare are excited about the brave new world that we are entering. This will force all of us out of our comfort zone. It's now time to get back to work.

Be safe, be intelligent, be aware.

by Stav Dimitriadis

Virtual Reload with Stav

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Please note I'd like to inform you that we will no longer be delivering directly to consumer on your behalf like we have over the past few months. This will be effective from Friday 26th of June. We do however have an online solution for you, should you wish to continue with a similar concept. This concept will give you your own online website, please see Going Online - Salon Only article below.

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One opportunity that the lockdown has highlighted is the importance of having your own online website. There are various online sites offering to sell retail on your behalf, but none give you the opportunity to have your personal online site. Click the link below to give you immediate affordable solutions to your own site. Below, we have also included an article giving you an overview of eCommerce in South Africa and its exponential growth.


Big Commerce boom in SA - Here are the numbers

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As you all know there are strict new regulations and protocols on how our salons operate. We have put together a range of PPE packs to suit the size of your salon. Click on the link below for more details.

Reload Reopening Packs

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Salons that have not done business with Twincare before, please see our company profile below, or contact 011 305 1600 or email michellevr@twincare.co.za. We would love to discuss business with you.


Twincare Company Profile

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