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Salon Stock Trader: Latest Products Available

From colours to treatments, laser machines to massage beds, chairs to towels – take a look at the fabulous stock for sale on Salon Stock Trader and grab yourself a great bargain as your salon returns to business!

Remember that Salon Stock Trader is the professional-only site where you can sell excess or unwanted stock, equipment and furniture. Sell, auction or trade and get much-needed cash for your stock, fast!

Sign up now to browse the site, see what’s available, buy some great deals, or upload your stock for sale.

Remember to use KKZBW3TS code to Claim your No Charge Special!

New stock and specials are arriving continually so don’t delay!

Contact Details

Email: info@salonstocktrader.com

Whatsapp or SMS: +27 66 207 2328 Website: salonstocktrader.com

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