Industry Engagement: Email Your Plea for Urgent Reopening to Government Today

Hairnews would like to encourage the industry to make a collective plea to government to publish the reopening protocols asap. We encourage each and every affected hairdresser to write to government TODAY with your plea for why they need to publish the reopening protocols asap. We at Hairnews feel that "first prize" is liaising directly with Government for one last push, since Government themselves have said the protocols have been finalised and are almost ready. Engaging with government is a proactive step that you can do TODAY, and having government publish the protocols immediately is the quickest way that we will be able to reopen.

How to Send Your Plea: Email


Copy In your email you can state:

  • You are aware the protocols for hair and beauty to reopen have basically been finalised and that you would like to plead for them to be published asap.

  • Explain your willingness to adhere to the protocols and operate safely.

  • By all means draw comparisons with other industries of equal risk that are already open.

  • Describe the extreme urgency of this situation and the impact that every day without work is causing, worsening the dire plight of hairdressers and salons.

  • Emphasise to government that for all of us the first prize is to open NOW and that each day that passes without reopening means more businesses are having to close and people going hungry.

Please encourage all your staff and colleagues to send the same email TODAY. Please copy Hairnews so that we have a record of the pleas. What Not to Say

  • Please do not threaten that you will operate illegally if you cannot open. This will only indicate to the ministers that the industry is "ungovernable" and this may impact negatively on their decision to reopen hair and beauty.

  • Please keep the email courteous and factual, do not include abuse or swearing, as some spam filters do not allow this through and we need your emails to be heard!

Thank you to everyone in the industry for making this effort - let's all give a final, united push to reopen asap. Having Government agree to publish the protocols which are already finalised, will be the fastest way for us to reopen!

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