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Government Still Working on Industry Protocols for Reopening

Take heart!

Remember that a month ago, we were classified in Level 1.

Since then, positive engagement with Government from our industry organisations (who have worked tirelessly ever since lockdown) as well as individual and collective pleas from affected hairdressers, as well as media coverage, have resulted in Government urgently addressing the protocols necessary to open in Level 3.

Delays in finalising this are frustrating and discouraging but they are only temporary, as stated above. Now is the time for salons to start:

• Reading up on business tips for making the most of restarting

• Engaging with clients to give them the message that reopening is happening soon, and creating a list of "preferred VIP" clients who will be given priority booking

• Ensuring that you have the necessary stock and retail, or access to retail delivery, to allow you to fulfil all demands when you reopen so that no client cannot obtain the service they need

Hairnews is aware that during lockdown, some clients have obtained "home" hairdressing services. We do not feel that this represents a threat to well-run salons when official reopening starts. We are seeing, and will see, a surge of coronavirus cases and as this becomes more of a reality, clients are going to feel safer in a compliant and properly run salon that has all the necessary hygiene protocols in place. Businesses or individuals who can adapt to this asap, and ensure these protocols form part of a seamless, caring, friendly service, will have an advantage! Be one of them!

Also remember that even though you have been through emotional hell, and that all salons and hairstylists are feeling bruised, battered, and at the end of their tether - clients want to come into an environment that is calm, peaceful and positive. They want a safe, caring, familiar service. Don't share negativity! (in the salon or on social media). If you require additional financial contributions to get you through the time after reopening, Hairnews will be sharing some ideas on how you can achieve these through your clientele, in a positive way that makes them feel as if they, too, are achieving value.

Fun Tip: If you notice your client has a "home haircut" that you can see was done by somebody else, simply compliment them on what a good job they did cutting their hair themselves at home! "That was not a bad attempt at a DIY job! With a couple of years' training, you could make a hairdresser yourself!"

Reminder to all salons: There is a lot of misinformation circulating on social media, some of it deliberately published. Before sharing or even commenting, check with the official industry sources whether the information is true and accurate.

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