June Hairoscopes

Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for June. For a full personalised reading, you can contact her on 083 430 1456. GEMINI 21 MAY - 20 JUNE Gem, its time to really think about that job opportunity you have been considering for too long. Any longer and you might lose the energy and the brain power to make it come true. Don’t let it disappear down the road and end up being disappointed in yourself. Being disappointed doesn’t go well with the love life either, which is actually doing quite well at the moment. So: The Message is: GET GOING! TODAY!! CANCER 21 JUNE - 21 JULY Too many things happening all at once at the mo. It’s time to take a breath and decide what is the most important and the most urgent. Deal with it and move on – Love life needs attention (as always), so if you can pull off a surprise for The Partner, you may find what you thought was moving away. Finances might be a bit tight right now, but if you use the Famous Brain you could come up with a fabulous idea! NOW would be good … LEO 22 JULY - 22 AUG You know what, Leo? You always have such good ideas and you’re so good at detail, you should be a millionaire by now. People seem to flock around you once you get going with something, and 99 out of 100 times, you’re spot on. So! If you want to be Rich and Famous, get on with it. You’re just as good at love life if you put your mind to it, and really know how to spoil the One You Want. How about some action here? VIRGO 23 AUG – 22 SEP Virg! You are so good at getting what you want - IF you can use what passes for Patience with you. An idea kind of smacks you in the middle of the night and you must pay attention … You’re an expert at rules and regulations, so use this gift strongly. It will make you the Hero/Heroine to family and friends, but could stretch even further to others. Without doubt, it will impress The Loved One. What more could you ask for? LIBRA 23 SEPT – OCT 22 Lib! You have this artistic gift that you keep ignoring … Don’t you think it’s time you paid attention to it? It may not make you Rich and Famous, but your popularity will soar higher than ever! Keep going, financial improvement is on the way but not yet. You need to pay attention also to your spirituality that has taken a bit of a step back lately. THINKING would be a good start. Time to do it - you’ll end up enjoying it. Really! SCORPIO 23 OCT – 21 NOV There’s something you should be doing that will open new paths for you, something that could change your life if you allow it or need it. It’s a famous occupation called Reading. There’s been something at the back of your mind that needs answers, so how about it? A book or two? This would also impress the Loved One and give him/her a changed attitude, maybe even inspiring more love and interest in you. How about THAT?? SAGITTARIUS 22 NOV – 21 DEC You don’t seem to be happy with the path you’re taking – it’s probably because you actually need to Think and Consider how to achieve what you want. One of the main things is True Romance, which is just around the corner, so thinking too long could make it drift away out of sheer boredom of waiting for you to make up your mind. Come on Sag, so much waiting for you, open the eyes and make some good decisions… CAPRICORN 21 DEC – JAN 20 You may be offered something really good at work and if you use The Brain (?) you may find that it is what you have been waiting for without even realizing it. Surprise! You can DO this! Just try and keep the bragging down when you get there, especially to the Loved One who may find it a bit irritating after a while so, of course, spoil The One, and make EVERYTHING worth it. Universe watching you … CLOSELY … AQUARIUS 20 JAN – 18 FEB Aqua! Stay awake here! Don’t be tempted to “lend” money to somebody with a sad story, you’ll never see it again. Even your partner thinks the same, so trust him or her. You seem to come up with a good idea for you and your partner concerning some special time together, but don’t argue when the two of you have different plans. This is a good time to become closer and spend Interesting time together. No arguments - Be Nice! Now. PISCES 19 FEB – 20 MARCH Whatever your favourite free occupation time, this is for you. NOW is the time to drag out that list of Undone Things and catch up with all Sorts of them.. You might even come across something that will fascinate you. You also have time to consider family plans and change things a bit. Consider your spiritual side too. In other words Pisky, no arguments, no shouting, no punching of windows etc. You even have some good books?? ARIES 21 MARCH – 19 APRIL Hide sharp instruments and stay away from people who drive you to thoughts of murder. Hard for an Aries the great Fire Sign, but it will calm your life down in many ways that you would not have expected. Keep in touch with your friends and family and every day you’ll learn something. How’s THAT for an achievement? Bury guns and sharp instruments. The stars are saying you are greatly loved. (WHY? would many people ask …) TAURUS 20 APRIL – 20 MAY True Taurus fancies luxury and right now you’re annoyed that you can’t quite pull it off. Suggesting Patience to Taurus is usually a waste of time, but what you CAN do is find someone that truly understands what you want and help you reach your target without using sharp instruments. Once you get to your target, DON’T forget the people who got you there. No idea why, but you have a lot of people wishing you only the Best …

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