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Industry Update: Engagement Has Begun for Reopening during Level 3

Although salons have not been given the immediate “green light” for reopening during Level 3, Minister Patel explained that industry engagement would be a priority, in order to put the correct protocols in place to be allowed to reopen safely.

The delay in reopening is due to the fact that social distancing between hairstylist / practitioner and client is not possible and so this will require more stringent regulation to ensure a safe and controlled environment.

Although the extra delay is frustrating, there is now a definite light at the end of the tunnel and Hairnews is confident that the engagement between government and industry organisations will be concluded asap and will result in a “revised level 3” reopening with strict conditions in place.

We have seen how eager our amazing salons have been to comply with any hygiene requirements, to upskill themselves during lockdown, and to prepare for a speedy and safe reopening. Be patient and positive just a little longer! Reopening is in sight!

Click HERE to watch the video clip.

Thanks to EOHCB, Bargaining Council and UASA for their tireless work in pleading the case for our salons.

Below is EOHCB’s statement made on Wednesday 27th May.

We confirm that Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare services by the Industry remains prohibited during level 3 of the national lockdown.

Minister Patel confirmed that the National Covid-19 Command Commission would engage with the industry immediately to review, develop and confirm health, hygiene and safety protocols for the industry specifically, to secure and ensure an expedited re-opening strategy.

The EOHCB will keep members and the industry informed about immediate further engagements with the commission.

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