Salon Products: Now Delivering Tints and Backbar Products Exclusively to Salons

Great news for salons wanting to place custom-orders of backbar products including tints and basin products.

Bulkshop of Salon Products is now open.

You can now order your backbar products (tints, basin products and retail) online at cost price! This gives you you the convenience to get your backbar products and retail products from different suppliers in one order, with whatever custom quantities you need – couriered to your door!

This is ideal for when salons reopen, allowing you to offer your clients the service and price range they need, without overcommiting your budget.

Note, only registered salons have access to the Bulkshop.

Direct Retail Sales

Salon Products allows you to sell all the brands we have online directly to your clients without you having to stock the products in your salon. We do the packaging and distribution for you, you just have to market your link online. It does not matter where your salon is located, you can now sell products ANYWHERE in South Africa. No client can purchase any product without it going through a salon’s Username. Watch the video below to see how you can be earning money online while sitting at home.

You earn 20% of the total cost (retail price) of any product that you sell online (which is a 40% mark-up percentage). Keep in mind, there are a lot more costs involved when it comes to online selling including: packaging, distribution, warehouse costs etc. All these costs are covered for you through Salon Products. You will not be earning 20% by starting your own Online Shop.

You can join us now for only R99 a month! While you can join immediately, payment only starts from the following month. You are not bonded with us for a year, you only need to give us one month’s notice for cancellation by sending an email to If you already have your own smaller website for your salon, you would know that the domain alone costs you more than R99/month.

Click HERE to Sign Up with Salon Products and let us start this amazing journey.

To ask any questions, please contact us on 082 302 6009.

Visit our website HERE - remember that our web address is (not products)

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