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Sebastian Professional Introduces Dark Oil: #RulesDontApply

Stylists, we know lockdown rules have put us on an uncertain road. And it’s with a bit of cheekiness that we’re introducing the NEW Sebastian Dark Oil campaign #RulesDontApply. Feel encouraged that nobody can take away your vision or creativity. We’ll be on the other side soon!

From eclectic urbanities to cutting-edge creative stylists, Sebastian Professional answers the rallying cry of the avant-garde, that next generation of fearless individuals who constantly challenge the status quo, transform and defy the rules of beauty as they go.

The Sebastian Professional ethos is deeply rooted in disrupting the norm. The Sebastian Tribe don’t care for current trends, they’re too busy making them. They’re always thinking about what’s next, not what’s now. It remains certain that #RulesDontApply to these bold and creative visionaries.

For the creative souls constantly seeking to disrupt the norm, Dark Oil is a product that perfectly embodies the mindset of #RulesDontApply.

While the expected excessive weight and unpleasant appearance of greasy hair often dissuade from using traditional oils, Dark Oil effectively evaporates in seconds to add a lightweight natural body and reflective shine to hair that never looks greasy. Hair stays smooth, manageable and frizz free.

Dark Oil Full Range

The Dark Oil Regimen

Sebastian Professional’s new Dark Oil regimen consists of four products that build on the phenomenal success of Dark Oil, the game changer styling oil that adds extra body and smoothness while disappearing into the hair, leaving behind nothing but the benefits.

The new line introduces a Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Silkening Fragrant Mist that expands the limits of styling by providing 3x smoother* hair with a lightweight finish and mesmerizing fragrance.

The new Dark Oil products offer the benefits of an oil while dispelling the fear of weighing down hair that is normally associated with traditional oil products.

The new Dark Oil regimen enhances and extends the benefits of the renowned styling oil, enriching Sebastian Professional’s product range in care and styling. Each of the four new products is infused with a special blend of oils, including Jojoba and Argan oil.

The new line-up consists of:

• Lightweight Shampoo: Cleanses the hair leaving it shiny and with lightweight body.

• Lightweight Conditioner: Smoothens and detangles the hair whilst keeping it lightweight and full of body.

• Lightweight Mask: Nourishes the hair whilst keeping its natural body, leaving hair looking shiny with a silky feel.

• Silkening Fragrant Mist: a lightweight mist for a silky and shiny effect. The perfect touch-up for shine with a mesmerising scent.

DiffusX Technology

Dark Oil raised the bar for the entire beauty industry by introducing the breakthrough DiffusX technology. With thicker fluid to better adhere to hair for a more precise application, DiffusX technology allows even distribution and replenishes the hair from the inside out, augmenting the smoothness of the cuticle and its natural body to facilitate style creation.

Light, dry oil that quickly absorbs into hair

The evanescent oil is formulated with a precious blend of natural oils: Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Argan oil and an iconic fragrance that is both addictive and intoxicating.


Legendary Sebastian Artistic Director Shay Dempsey has always been at the forefront of young, urban, cutting-edge hairstyling, making him the perfect ambassador for Sebastian’s effortless looks – innovative products custom-designed for the hectic, no-compromise demands of today’s mega-busy, ultra-stylish young urbanites.

Shay Dempsey Artistic Director for Sebastian Professional

“What you have with Dark Oil is the beautiful fragrance that is completely obsessive, and clients get addicted to and the condition: the hair is smooth, workable and has a lightweight feel, throughout the whole collection. The main power of whatever you’ve mix the products with will be the strength, Dark Oil just jumps behind it and it gives you that finish and this beautiful reflective shine.”

Bold, liberated, fearless

The Sebastian Tribe are anything but followers. They dare to be themselves and live life on their own terms.

They always challenge the norms: how they look, how they act and how they express their style is entirely up to them on the path to self-love.

Always the brand to challenge the norm and to stand up for diversity, Sebastian Professional’s new campaign encourages everybody to liberate the boldest version of themselves.

The new Dark Oil regimen to which rules don’t apply, inspired by the iconic styling oil, offers unique benefits: 3x smoother* hair with lightweight finish and mesmerizing fragrance.

A new line with prestigious look and experience, it’s the chance to augment and embolden individuality, unique self-expression and distinctive style.

*Shampoo, Mask and Dark Oil vs non-conditioning Shampoo

Here’s to the open-minded, the misfits and troublemakers: the ones who never stand still... These are the ones you just can’t ignore.

Want to stock Sebastian Professional Dark Oil? Contact Modern Hair & Beauty or your Sales Rep.


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