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Take the Social Media Positivity Challenge and Win a Veaudry Demi Gift Set

Hairnews is launching a fabulous initiative today (Monday) that will run for two weeks.

Any hairstylist or salon is welcome to take part!

The aim of the challenge is to boost your social media among your clients and peers by removing the negative and focusing on:

• Positive posts filled with hope

• Hairstyle inspiration, fun and useful tips for lockdown care

• Invitations for clients to engage personally

• Your own fun and positive ways of passing time in lockdown – food, education, exercise!

• Trend forecasting for post-lockdown

• Sharing of, positive, interesting and valid content and avoidance of any negative comments

• Positive reinforcement of the industry and the good work that all parties are doing

Position yourself as a mindset leader, who will draw others to them through positive leadership. Post-lockdown you want your clients to appreciate you as someone whose posts cheered, helped and encouraged them through a tough time, and you also want to attract new clients who aspire to your way of thinking and beliefs.

Negativity repels!

How to enter the challenge?

The challenge begins tomorrow! All content on your profile or page, posted from tomorrow (Tuesday) onwards will be assessed.

Email by the end of day today (Monday) with your social media links. At the end of two weeks your feed will be assessed by social media guru Ursula Brett and by an outside VIP judge who is a client. The Positivity Winner will get the magnificent prize of a limited edition Veaudry Demi styler gift set!

Take the challenge today! Register, post, and get the positivity flowing. Everyone will be a winner after this challenge.

For great tips on how to turn your social media around, view our Power Hour webinar HERE

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