• Natasha von Brandis

Post-Lockdown Employment Options by Natasha von Brandis

Natasha von Brandis forecasts what the industry will look like post-lockdown, and what options will be open to hairstylists looking to restart strongly.

Stylists are looking to new possibilities post-lockdown as many salons face an uncertain future. Good news though, there’s a chair open with your name on it. You just need a great resume.

Appointments are going to be sought-after because of overflow of clients, and stylists seeing less clients per day. Shift rotations will be in place, so stylists all have a turn to work, and accommodate clients. This will mean longer hours or opening extra days to allow for enough time and to accommodate clients.

Mobile services are being considered by both salon owners and stylists.

Many salons will not be in a position to take on more staff right away and unfortunately some salons may have been forced to close, so it will create a win-win if you can try to accommodate an unemployed stylist in your area with a spot to rent on quieter days. It could be the start of a long and beautiful working relationship.

Unemployment is on a fast track with many salon owners reaching out to me because of closing, unemployment in our industry is a big factor we need to address. Many stylists will be looking for new opportunities, and if you are one of the salons who survives lockdown you will hopefully find yourself in a strong position afterwards, and able to attract new staff who can be a real asset to your business.

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