Introducing the Yellow Ribbon Challenge from David Robbins

David Robbins, owner of Killroutine Styling, has come up with a fabulous idea to help salons, as well as their employees and assistants and the less fortunate, during lockdown.

Here is David in a video, explaining his experience of lockdown and what this challenge involves.

The Yellow Ribbon Challenge works as follows:

• You source prizes from your clients that they are happy to donate, based on their skills.

• You raffle these prizes among your clients and friends, for a lucky draw with a prize that can be claimed during lockdown (if it is a product) or after lockdown (if it is a service).

• Decide on the ticket sale amount to suit your clientele as well as the prize.

• Publicize this widely!

• Then, when the raffle is done, you keep a percentage of the proceeds (as you need to survive) and the other percentage goes to those less fortunate – either your support staff and assistants who are battling, or others in your neighbourhood who are in need, either as cash, or shopping vouchers.

David has had great results with this so far!

In the video he explains more about the challenge and also sets out how suppliers could take part in their own Yellow Ribbon Challenge, helping out salons.

Why Yellow Ribbon?

During lockdown, a yellow ribbon placed on your door or outside your house indicates that you are in need of help and are struggling financially or to provide for yourself.

We love this idea which is a win-win for everyone concerned, and a great way for salons to sustain themselves and help the needy during lockdown!

Hashtag #yellowribbon on social media and let us hear about your initiatives!

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