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EOHCB Engages with Government for Earlier Reopening of Industry

Encouraging news for our industry. The EOHCB is hard at work, engaging in top-level negotiations with government to fight for the earlier reopening of salons, which are only due to open in Level 1 under current lockdown regulations.

Here is the process that the EOHCB is following to work with government for an earlier reopening:

• EOHCB attended a meeting with Minister Patel on Friday. Following this, they are busy arranging a sector-specific meeting with Minister Patel.

• EOHCB has requested a response from Minister Dlamini-Zuma, demanding the reasons why the sector was not included in Level 4. Once they know the reasons, this will allow them to lodge their case for arbitration in accordance with the processes of the Command Council.

• In the meantime they are preparing another presentation for government, based on the visual and practical in-salon application of basic preventative measures, to help strongly plead this case.

Hairnews would like to urge the industry to show support for the EOHCB in this regard, as well as all co-operative efforts involving UASA and the Bargaining Council.​

EOHCB have explained that as they are still engaging with government, together with other stakeholders, it is not in the interests of their sector to lodge legal proceedings at this stage.

Ultimately there is no stronger negotiating body, than the organisations that have been mandated to represent their industry’s best interests. We encourage the industry to support these organisations to ensure a cohesive approach and to prevent fragmentation of the industry which will mean a weaker, divided approach.

At this time we need to present a united front but also to respect the unprecedented times we are living in, and the complex situation that the government has to manage as well as the stipulated processes that have to be followed during the lockdown levels, which are time consuming to appeal.

We urge everyone to remain calm and professional, especially when interacting on social media. Resorting to personal attacks and defamation reflects badly on the individual making the comments, and also on the industry as a whole.

More updates on this developing situation will be published asap. If you would like to chat to your EOHCB representative, you can find their contact details HERE

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