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Five Fascinating Facts about Cruise Ship Hairdressing

Cruise ships are anchored while we ride out the Covid-19 storm, but they will be back, bigger and better than ever! This is your chance to find out more about what might truly be the opportunity of a lifetime for you!

Fact 1: You can join ships at any age above 18, no upper age limit

This is the most fabulous fascinating fact about cruise ship hairdressing. There is no age limit, and all you require is your NQF Level 4 as a younger hairdresser – the hours towards your Trade Test can be logged on board. For mature hairdressers, there are stylists in their 50s and 60s signing up and having the most incredible adventure, and your experience will be a huge advantage on board. So don’t let age or mileage hold you back from ticking this bucket list experience.

Fact 2: Your earnings are tax free, and accommodation and meals are paid

While you do work hard aboard ship – make no mistake – this gives you all the more time to live your best life in the gorgeous salon with a seascape view, that is a short elevator ride away! Putting heart and enthusiasm in your work will mean you are richly rewarded through your commission and tips, and you can earn a substantial sum while having virtually no living expenses. With your accommodation and delicious meals paid for, you can save, or splash out on sightseeing adventures on your days off. Your working hours include two hour-long breaks for lunch and supper, and you receive a day and a half off per week, and if you reach your targets, more time off is an incentive you can earn.

Fact 3: You will sail in a sought-after location with an incredible amount to see and do

Cruise ships sail on the routes where everyone dreams of going. In your first contract no matter what ship you are allocated to, you will be assigned to a ship that sails in seas, and visits ports, where people dream of going. Your photo opportunities will be legendary and because the routes repeat, you will be able to pick your must-see locations and book your days off accordingly. You will have unforgettable experiences while making lifelong friends in your fellow crew members and your clients.

Fact 4: The experience will supercharge you as a hairstylist

Because this is such an intensive experience and you are dealing with such a wide spectrum of ever-changing clients with high expectations, you will become supercharged as a hairstylist and will find you operate on another level, in terms of your skill, speed, work ethic, attitude and communication. This makes it far easier to walk into a dream job at the end of your time on board and opens international doors as well as top local salon doors to you.

Fact 5: Cruise ships are still interviewing during lockdown

Although the landscape is different at present, the London Wellness Academy is still conducting interviews, ready to meet the huge demand when ships sail again. Having a confidential interview during lockdown will allow you to ask any questions and hopefully to join the waiting list and be first on board when ships are back in the waters. End with contact details email etc. If you would like to find out more, sign up now for your confidential interview HERE. Alternatively, email Nadine Brits on and she will answer any questions you have.

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