May Hairoscopes

May 6, 2020

Astrologist Zema predicts your stars for May. For a full personalised reading, you can contact her on 083 430 1456.
There’s something you need to do to make it right with something that has come between you and a family member. Think carefully about the way to do it and then get on with it before you change your mind. You will be pleased and surprised at how it works out for you. If you’re looking for Romance, don’t rush into anything without giving it a bit of thought to make sure that you’re on the right road. Hide weapons!!
If you’ve come up with a good idea to attract your Heart’s Desire, good idea! But of course with your famous trick of seeing two sides to every story, it could  get out of hand. You need a close friend who can give you advice, and you can’t keep dragging it out. You also appear to have a very nice job idea, but again, take time to plan properly. Your incredible gift of seeing yes and no at the same time drives the Universe crazy …

Have you come up with that idea that could improve many paths for your family yet? Not just marriage and children, but also the people who got you there … You are usually a Bright Idea Person (which usually drives people insane…) but you are going to surprise even yourself and you are going to wonder what took you so long! A wonderful gift that Cancers have is that they usually listen, which is a miracle! So do it. Now.
LEO 22 JULY - 22 AUG
There’s something you have dreamed of doing all your life but never got to it. Maybe now would be good, but find someone who can help you. You will not regret it and neither will The Loved One! You have the Heart to do anything that you consider but -um- the attitude needs some attention. DON’T leave it too long and get sick of it before you’ve even started … Don’t chase the Loved One down the path of insanity either.
VIRGO  23 AUG – 22 SEP
If someone comes to you for help with something, use your Perfection Brain (the one that drives the entire world insane) and find a solution to this person’s goal. The trick is not to go on and on and drive this person away. Get to it without a thousand details. If you have a partner, now would also be a time to practice a bit of calmness. Breathe. You do have a Fun Gift for something that you’re not using. Er - maybe NOW? Think!
There’s something you want to do and have wanted to do for a very long time. The Universe is rolling its eyes and saying “Heard this before…. x 100”. Whether it’s something that you need to do or want to do, now would be good. Lib, you have a gift for getting on well with people and they love it, so how about you use this a bit more on the Loved One?? You could be SUCH a Hero/Heroine if you think before you talk. Please.
Time to get your temper down a bit, Scorp! There are about a million paths ahead of you which of course take about a million decisions. PICK ONE! Surprise the world and the Universe! The secret is to keep your infamous temper, as you are capable of so many things and that’s how every now and again you get a bit um… difficult. Lovelife looks good which is the good news and so keep your eyes open for this GIFT…

Sag! One of the busiest years you’ve had for a long time! Everything seems to jog along at a bit of a speed - keep up or you might miss opportunities. You don’t need regrets for things you’ve missed… (Run everybody! Run!)  Even Lovelife seems to speed up a bit, so apply the Brain(?) and do your best. This does NOT mean try and take over the World in one go - not advisable if you want to keep friends and family.
Done anything with your spiritualism yet? If you have, please get on with it because if you start getting sick of it you are going to miss the greatest gift that anybody could possibly have. You will suddenly become a spiritual gift to people, as long as you can keep your temper.
You always impress people like mad with the way you look, so now might be a good time to do a re-do  - hair, clothes, attitude, whatever. You’ll be taken by surprise at the attention you get from the opposite sex, which will also encourage you to move along with what you really want to do considering work as well. You can’t do better than this, can you Aqua? Then again, nothing is ever enough for you, so just KEEP GOING!
You appear to be very good with money when you feel like it, so the Stars have this idea - BE VERY GOOD AT IT! You really can make wonderful things happen if you apply yourself without losing your patience (which doesn’t always work because you can always see both sides of the story) but give it a good go. Most people adore you but this usually because they haven’t witnessed your temper. Control it!!
Patience with a capital P is something you have to practice like mad if you want to get what you want. And you WILL get it, but it takes a whole LOT of the infamous Patience. You have wonderful ideas, but you need someone to stand by you on this path. You’re about to come up with something that is going to make people gasp, but do try and keep a lot of this to yourself as not everybody is going to agree…


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