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“Why I Use Salon Products As My Salon’s Online Store”: Industry Testimonials

Salon Products is proud to have received two testimonials from salons who have signed up to use this service, which delivers a wide range of professional haircare products directly to your clients, and to anyone else who uses your salon code, while you receive the commission. This is a great way to build your business during lockdown and to ensure your clients have easy access to the products they need and which will suit them best, even if they are not stocked on your shelves or supplied by you at this time! Testimonial from Jean Witte, Synergy Hair Intercoiffure, Cape Town

I chose Salon Products as our online store for SYNERGY HAIR , for a few reasons 1. All my brands can be found in one place. 2. I have my unique link that takes my client to the Salon Products page linked to our salon, this makes it easier for the client and assured me of the commission. 3. I am able to keep track of my referrals and my earnings. 4. I get sent a breakdown of sales. 6. I have unbelievable service 7. Cash is transferred into our account at the end of each month without fail. 8. Dirk has assisted and advised me on how to promote and market to improve my sales. Would I recommend Salon Products? Yes without a doubt.

• • • • • • • • Testimonial from Claire Glancey, Fusion Hair, Durban

It's been great to be able to offer my clients easy access to their favorite products. Easy to use and so convenient. It will definitely change the way I retail for my salon going forward. Why don’t you sign up and find out more about the benefits of using Salon Products as your preferred online retailer of professional products to your clients’ door, for the low subscription of R99 per month which can be cancelled at any time? In line with Level 4 we now have an even wider range of homecare products available to order.

If you have any questions, Dirk is standing by to assist – please message him on 082 302 6009.

To sign up now and start earning, click HERE.

Visit our website HERE - remember that our web address is (not products)

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