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EOHCB Reminder about Working Without Permission

A reminder to all hairdressers and salons – please don’t go back to work until we are officially allowed to start up as an industry.

Hairdressing is not included in Level 4, which includes only a narrow range of services. Because of this we are hopeful that if our infection stats remain manageable, we will soon progress to Level 3. Then we may have to follow the same process, lobby and engage with government all over again to remind them how important it is that we restart.

The more people who break lockdown rules, the slower the levels are likely to progress.

This info was received from EOHCB National Office:

Dear EOHCB Member & Industry, we have been asked the same question by many in the industry and would like put the following on record.

*May I, during level 4, go to a clients house to perform a service, or may I allow 1 client at a time to come to my house for a service?*

“The answer is no. No one is allowed to render hairdressing, cosmetology, beauty or skincare services to anyone during level 4, even if its done on a one on one basis in a hygienic and safe environment. We ask that members and the industry please adhere to this, as the rule of no personal visitations still applies (leaving your own home to visit or perform a non-essential listed service at another person's home or public place).

Those who transgress on the rules of lockdown will not only face criminal charges but face losing their businesses and paying at least 10% of their annual turnover as a fine.

We urge members, the industry and the public who are aware of individuals performing services during lockdown, to report this unethical business conduct by contacting your local authority (SAPS) and /or local municipal councillor.”

Hairdresser Mark Timms emphasises: “Don't do it my hairdressing friends, there is always someone watching. Having any guest seen visiting our homes can lead to extreme punishment and shame in the community. Just wait till we can all reopen and will see to our friends and clients again.”

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