UASA Hairdressing Union Fees Postponed

Dear Hairstylists

President Ramaphosa took the courageous and unprecedented step of implementing a nationwide lockdown, extended to 30 April 2020. This has financial implications for employers, employees and all citizens alike.

UASA, as a trade union whose continued operations rely on membership fees to provide services and benefits to our members, is no different.

As a Union with our member’s best interest at heart, our National Executive Committee has relaxed the applicable provisions of our constitution to allow for a postponement of membership fees for the duration of the lockdown period, where member’s earnings are negatively affected and no deduction is possible, with the provision that the arrears, in this case for April 2020, will be deducted together with subsequent deductions over a period of no more than 3 months, post lockdown.

This would ensure that affected members will be entitled to full benefits during the arrear period as a result of lockdown, but will also remain in good standing post the lockdown period by ensuring no break in membership.

We also recommend that affected employers, whose operations have shutdown partially or in full as a direct result of the pandemic and lockdown, where applicable, take advantage of the Temporary Employee/ Employer Relief Scheme (TERS), as introduced by government as a relief measure.

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