Hed Kulture Goes Online for the Benefit of Salons.

April is their birthday month. Hed Kulture has been proudly supplying salons for the past 4 years. Young and inexperienced at the time, operating from a garage, they started setting up an infrastructure that was built to accomplish an aim namely, to warehouse and supply products which include Mycro Keratin, Moyoko Professional and O&M.

Before lockdown, they sent out an offer to dispatch on behalf of salons. They have been working even harder to make this a more straightforward process for the benefit of salons and they will now share their warehousing and supply infrastructure with salons and supply with them in mind.

Their name Hed Kulture refers to a Kulture of creative salons that they care for and that they want to serve with quality, speed, and efficiency. We wholeheartedly believe that this additional service will expand this Kulture and show again to salons that they are supplying with them in mind.

“Lockdown in its very definition will in all probability go down in history as “The Great Pause” and forced us all to stop and reflect on what was and what will be. No matter our socioeconomic status, we were are all running around trying to make ends meet, and we never thought we would enter an unknown phase where our access to what we became accustomed to, will be stopped” says Nic, owner of Hed Kulture.

Firstly, they want salons also to become online retailers, and as professionals in distribution, they understand the administrative pressure this brings about. They have set up an online platform that salons’ clients can use, for the benefit of the salon. Only a registered customer has access to this online platform, and this customer has to nominate a salon as a beneficiary. The full sale total, minus actual product cost, will be allocated to the salons’ profile/account. “We will continue to provide this service Post-C19 to allow for easy access to retail and keep the profits flowing back to the salons.” says Nic.

Secondly, they have an online section allocated where salons can place orders at cost price and recap on valuable education. Contact your Hed Kulture sales representative to activate this after you have registered on their website in the same manner as your client would at www.hedkulture.com

Registration To Purchase

Let us be honest, clients need a little aftercare during this time, and salons need the support. Provide your clients with the website www.hedkulture.com to order any products they supply. All profit will be directed to the Hed Kulture salon & client account.

They Dispatch

This is what they do best! With the approval of the government and their courier operating a normal service, they will deliver all essential retail needs directly to your client while adhering to all regulations in place during lockdown and after.

For more information or if you have any questions or would like to know more about the products, support and benefits that Hed Kulture offers, please email office@hedkulture.com, and they will gladly assist!

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