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Styles: Mullet Collection by Christian Rios, Spain

“There is a haircut inspired by the mullet fishermen of the 60s and the 70s who, to protect themselves from sunburn in the nape, grew their hair in the back of their necks. The English name for this type of fish (Mugilidae) is mullet, and that’s why the haircut took the same name.”

Hair: Christian Ríos

@ Christian Ríos Salón

Salon Instagram: @Christianriossalon

Hairdresser Instagram: @Khrystyan28

Photographer and Retouch: Esteban Roca

Instagram: @esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Nacho Sanz

Instagram: @nacho_sanz_makeup

Stylist: Christian Ríos, Rosa Hernando Designs, Yaidelin Peralta

Instagram: @rosahernando_designs @yaidelinperalta

Products: Revlon Professional, Kevin Murphy

Instagram: @revlonprofessional_es@kevinmurphyspain

Models: Belén, Tyler, Maria, Luu, Paula

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