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VEAUDRY DISTRIBUTION – Helping Salons Find the Silver Highlight

On Sunday the 18th of June 1815 on the plains of Waterloo, a massive battle was raging, a battle which would determine the entire future of England. It seemed a mere matter of time until General Napoleon won and follow this with an imminent invasion of England. Of course, most people believed all was lost…but a few did not. Those who did not went on to become the richest people in the entire nation. The battle was long and bloody but surprisingly Napoleon lost and England was not invaded.

Today, in South Africa the “attack” in the form of the Coronavirus presents us with another “Waterloo” and of course many will re-act out of lack of faith and fear. However, for those few who do not, for those who believe in an eventual rebound and a silver lining; they too will prosper greatly.

Let’s be part of the few!

Although it is true that there is actually little known about this new challenge ahead of us; there are a few things that we do know and can be pro-active on.

Our Health:

We are a “people” Industry and therefore everything we do revolves around people. In this regard we are fortunate, having been affected later than many other countries; we have the benefit of hindsight and know which type of measures are most effective. Our own Government has already summarized these. The most obvious is a scrupulous attention to cleanliness both of ourselves, personally, and the workplace along with a delineation of personal space in such places as waiting areas etc. This must not only be done…but it must be seen to be done by our clients. When they see the precautions you are offering they will know that you are a business that is not only serious but is also caring.

Our Economy:

More than ever it is a time to manage our finances diligently and when it comes to spending we must be as frugal as possible. Although we must carry on with a “business as usual” attitude, this is definitely not the time to overextend ourselves by resorting to credit, only putting ourselves into an unnecessary debt trap. When this is all over we want to enjoy the silver lining and not be working off the worry and the new financial headache that extended credit would bring about.

Here are just a few practical ways you can make your business more efficient and more meaningful both for yourself and your clients.​

• Without resorting to discounting, with its associated negative perception, rather offer your client a free service, -perhaps a complimentary blow-dry, as a way to alleviate the overall bill and show our solidarity.

• Wherever possible try to make a small area, or provide articles to cater for children as many mothers will have to have their children with them.

• Suggest hair products which offer real value, but may not be in the high priced category of the “big names”. A perfect example is our MUK hair care range of products.

Many of our choices are born out of habit, but now, more than ever, is the time for new and innovative thinking. Focus here on the product which is the biggest part of your turnover and the biggest cost to your client. Ask yourself, “Can this be substituted with something new which is more cost effective than the stereotypes but will still offer the same quality and effective hair care that you normally deliver?”

Muk will save you up to 60% on your colour, not to mention save you on the amount of stock that you need to carry as it is a Hybrid 6 in 1 colour. This means you only need one tube of colour to replace 6 of your current tubes.. what does this mean? Less stock holding, more cash flow for you, perfect colour matching when you use the same tube of colour mixed with the correct developer, making it a permanent colour for the root application and simply changing the developer turning the exact shade of colour into a semi- permanent colour to match the ends perfectly to the roots. It is that simple and easy to use!

It may be daunting to change the habits of a lifetime…but it may also be surprisingly beneficial to you, and your client especially in our current times where saving money is crucial.

These are only a few examples of how we can keep our industry going well through these tough times and shielded from the negative influences of the present situation.

Together we will not only meet the challenge ahead but happily participate in its associated silver lining…or in our case, its “Silver Highlight!”

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