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Unleash your Imagination with Be Color 12 Minute Oxidation Toners

Now you can create fantasy colours with metallic, nude and pastel hair reflections, in just 3 to 10 minutes, with guaranteed long lasting results.

The Be Color 12 Minute Oxidation Toners are delicate, effective, and available in 12 trendy and sought-after shades.

These Ammonia-free toners are enriched with caviar, keratin and collagen to provide luxurious condition, strength and vitality, for a beautiful, healthy and shiny result that will last.

For best results, these fashion-forward shades should be used on hair pre-lightened with Be Color Deco 9 Bleach. This compact blue bleaching powder respects the hair and is enriched with caviar, keratin and collagen. It allows you to bleach up to 9 tones, and is suitable for all bleaching techniques.

Be Hair’s Ingredients Explained

Caviar: A rich and precious ingredient that has a restructuring, revitalising and antioxidant action, a real “luxury” for the hair. Rich in micronutrients, protein, mineral salt, amino acids, phospholipids, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, E, D and omega fatty acids, it prevents the formation of free radicals and fights hair dehydration.

Keratin: This precious protein, which is one of the fundamental elements of hair, is able to bind hair structure giving tone and strength. It has a reinvigorating and recompacting action, restoring the protein loss from hair fibre, strengthening it and making it more resistant, solid, robust and repaired.

Collagen: A natural protein responsible for cell cohesion and rich in amino acids, it revitalises hair and balances its hydrolipidic film for elasticity, body and density, and a filling action.

If you would like to experience the fast-working, effective Be Hair range in your salon, or try out a product, contact our friendly team today.

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