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Hairnews Awards: The Voting Categories Announced

Congratulations to every nominee in the categories for which an industry vote was required.

We were astounded by the awesome levels of support, and the numbers of votes that poured in. It was incredible to see the spirit and enthusiasm that these awards generated.

It is encouraging to see the passionate levels of support that salons have for the brands they love – and this more than anything, translates to clients in the form of retail sales and colour services, that can be done with confidence and passion.

Congratulations, too, to our industry personalities who rock the industry, inspire others, and become the icons that others look up to. We are privileged to have the most amazing educators, mentors and hairdressing heroes in South Africa, who have influenced the lives and careers of thousands.

Well done to our winners, but the truth is that the biggest winner is our hairdressing industry, and we are proud to see the passion and proactivity that will see salons through the good times and the more challenging times alike! Thank you all for your participation and votes in the Hairnews Awards.

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