Bridal How-To: Buoyant Braid by Juanmy Medialdea, Spain

March 14, 2020


A stunning, flowing, texturised style is filled with life and movement. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to achieve the look.


Step 1: Prepare the hair by using a curling iron with a diameter of 38 mm to create subtle waves throughout the hair. Brush the hair, apply a little shine and you are ready to start working.


Step 2: Separate the hair at the front, take a section from the crown and tie it in a ponytail with a hair tie, twist it in on itself and de-structure it a bit.


Step 3: Take a section from the right side, make a braid and pull it behind so it sits on top of the hair tie in the ponytail. Open up the braid a little.


Step 4: Perform the previous step on the opposite side.


Step 5: Take the lateral sections, twist them in on themselves a little and cross them over each other, securing them at the base.


Step 6: The remaining hair is divided into two equal sections and separated into two pigtails.


Step 7: Open up the ponytail and place the pigtails one over the other.


Step 8: Repeat the previous step, but this time using a clamp to help support and hold the hair in place, thus allowing for an easier workspace.


Step 9: Continue repeating the previous step until you finish the entire length of the hair.


Step 10: As a final touch, open the strands of the braid to achieve a more buoyant effect.


Step 11: Use a headdress if appropriate 


Hair: Juanmy Medialdea, Spain

Photography: Santo Palomo

MUA: Sergio Peña

Stylist: Juanmy Medialdea

Modelling Agency: Nofuentes models


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