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Take your vision to the next level: Enter National TrendVision (NTVA) 2020

For decades we’ve been told what’s beautiful, what’s in fashion, and how we should express our individual creativity.

The message was: be you- but, not too much. Be you – but, within our constraints. Be you, - but, show only the aspects of yourself we are comfortable with.

The last two decades have seen a seismic shift in this type of thinking. It’s seen the rise of communities on the fringes of society, making their voices heard. It’s seen an openness to expression that is dictated by whole communities rather than a self-appointed few.

We’ve encouraged and supported our peers in veering off the paths paved by institutions – treading our own, and giving others the freedom to do the same.

Today, there’s room for reimagining expression, one driven by the collective; an individualistic outpouring culminating into an authentic masterpiece, rather than one forced, ill-fitting mould.

It’s by these principles that we invite you to enter South Africa’s TrendVision Award 2020.

This year’s competition redefines what we mean by a trend and shifts the focus to incorporating a collective vision. The competition suggests a trend starts with a vision about the way we see the world and how we express ourselves in that world – and, then becomes significant because of the validation from our community.

Colour palette for NTVA 2020

This year, the competition has not dictated a trend for competing hairdressers.Stylists are encouraged to find inspiration in the Hair Language shared by Wella: a predetermined colour palette, and the model’s own beauty and individuality – and then, to create looks that their communities will love and wear.

NTVA 2020 further expands its forms of expression to five categories – three of which are editorial

Join the ranks of the most creative and visionary hair artists. Enter South Africa’s NTVA 2020. Entries are open on Modern Hair & Beauty. Submissions close at 12pm on 26 June 2020.

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About TrendVision Awards

The TrendVision Award is a one of the most prestigious events in the hairdressing calendar. Calling stylists form around the world to share their creative vision.

The competition helps hairdressers explore and push the boundaries of their creativity, develop their skills, and raise themselves to international standards.

Winners of the competition have the privilege to attend the International TrendVision Creative Retreat with industry heavy-weights and other passionate stylists.

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