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Dramatic Makeover Goes Dark: by Stefan Ellis, Colour Lab Hair Studio, George

It’s back to basics for a client transitioning from blonde, to a stunning dark plum brown, performed by Stefan at Colour Lab Hair Studio in George.

Here’s the hair history and how this beautiful result was achieved:

Hair history: Natural level 8. Hair has been bleached for more than 10 years. So the client’s hair was very damaged and over processed. The ends were very broken and dry. Before we can colour the hair we need to fill it with its naturally occurring pigment. That is the pigment that’s exposed when lifting the hair. In this case the desired shade is 2.22. So we will have to fill the hair with red orange.

I chose to pre pigment with 3.3 and 5.66. (2:1). And then 3%.

I didn’t want to lift her hair as there is nothing to lift. Lol. So 3% is enough. You just want to deposit colour.

After rinsing and drying I applied 2.22 and 3.0 (1:1) with 6% on the roots for 10 min. Then applied the colour to the rest of the hair. Overstating it so it can absorb as much of the colour as it can. I left that for another 20 min and rinsed.

Then I applied Olaplex no. 2 to the hair and left that in for 30 min with a cap on to absorb into the hair.

Every step of the service was done with Olaplex to ensure that all the lost, broken bonds get mended back together again, ensuring the health and integrity of the hair.

And voila!

Colour Lab Hair Studio

5 Courtenay Street George, Western Cape 6529

044 873 4787

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