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Styles: Imbue Collection by Amy Gaudie, Urban Chic, Australia

My inspiration for this look came from pastel macarons and how they are layered so you can see the different colours and dimensions. I combined this with a Coachella vibe - think a combination of little Indian, bohemian and rock star - and paired this with inspiration from Palm Springs, and incorporating that into a shape that represents a palm tree, accentuating the model’s features and fun personality.

Technique to create my shape

Starting at the nape taking inch sections, I created a solid form all directed back.

My fringe was created with a deep triangle section from the outside edge of the eyebrow to 2 inch depth down the middle of the part.

I started shorter in the middle and added a curve towards the face to keep length around the temples.


Step 1. Leaving the curtain fringe out and blowdrying with a round brush over directing back creating a soft wave, I pulled the remaining hair back into a 3 step ponytail using hat elastic, positioned on the top of the head.

Step 2. I pulled out my first small section of hair and wrapped a long piece of hat elastic around it 3 times to create my first palm tree leaf, I then repeated this process until I reached the end of the ponytail and tied off.

Step 3. To accentuate my shape, each piece of hair was then coloured with Wella Colour Touch Colour Create.

Step 4. Once the colour was rinsed I styled the ponytail with an iron.

Step 5. I brushed the ponytail out, twisting the hair forward to create a cascade of colour and shape.



Photography: PAUL CHRISTEY


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