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Bargaining Council: Fee Increase Reminder and Communication Update

A friendly reminder from the Bargaining Council about fee increase, and communicating changes within the salon to the Council.

Union Fee Increase - 2020

The UASA membership fees for Members has been increased from R120.00 to R128.00 per month and for Golden Year members (ie. members who join the Union after the age of 60), from R99 to R105 per month, with effect from the February 2020 pay month.

This change will be affected on the Council's system in February 2020 which means that returns distributed in February 2020 for payment in March 2020 will reflect the new membership fee.

Please note that the Agency Fee for non-union members will also increase which will be equal to the Union Fees.

Maternity notification

The Council would like to request that you inform us when you have employees that are going on maternity leave and also what arrangements were made with these employees on Union Fee and Pension Fund Contributions. This is because these changes have to be acknowledged on the system to ensure correct billing.

Staff Changes and Exemptions Notice

Another reminder is that any changes in your salon’s staff complement have to be reported to the Council. Should you have an exemption in place currently and a new staff member joins, please note that an exemption application for that employee will need to be submitted for approval to the Exemptions Committee.

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