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Hair Trends from the 2020 Oscars

The 2020 Oscars were full of fabulous make-up, gowns, and of course, hair. It’s great to see celebs flaunting some of the latest hair trends that have been showcased on fashion catwalks – expect demand for these in your salon!

Bejewelled Parting: Lucy Boynton rocked this trend, using accessories that perfectly match her hair, skin and outfit.

Curly Fringe: Zazie Beetz rocked a gorgeous fringe, showing that even very curly hair can carry this off perfectly.

Sharp Bobs: Maya Rudolph showed the enduring appeal of the bob in an absolutely stunning haircut, gorgeous simplicity at its best.

Darker Roots: Florence Pugh flaunted a fabulous upstyle where the darker roots added character and depth to the total look. Perfectly done!

Wild Colour and Accessories: Billie Eilish had it all in her striking style – clips, scarf, and accessories. And that lime green with black is uber trendy...

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