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System Professional Introduces Inessence: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by nature, the new INESSENCE line by SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL recharges the natural energy of hair to rejuvenate, moisturise, and improve the hair’s manageability. Designed to be used together with existing lines or as a standalone, INESSENCE provides the perfect combination of natural ingredients and performance.

Nowadays 1 in 3 clients are ingredient conscious and prefer to purchase hair care products with natural ingredients. However, 90% of clients mix them with mainstream products, as they are concerned that natural products are less effective. As a result, their biggest unmet need is a perfect combination of natural ingredients and performance.

SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL meets this demand with the launch of INESSENCE: hair care that blends the energy of nature with the power of science.

Comprised of up to 96% natural origin ingredients (ranges from 91% to 96% depending on products), INESSENCE is formulated without the use of sulphates, silicones, and parabens resulting in rejuvenated looking hair.

With the addition of biomimicry technology, which seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns, INESSENCE recharges the natural energy of your hair leaving it manageable and healthy looking.

Never one to compromise on performance, SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL has devised this exceptional subrange that not only demonstrates the brand’s firm commitment to the use natural ingredients, but INESSENCE also manages to uphold SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL’s adherence to luxury and passion for transformative hair care.

Created with Acai Stem Cells Extract, the line-up includes four new products: Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo with 92% natural origin, Hair Rejuvenating Cream with 91% natural origin, Hair Rejuvenating Treatment with 96% natural origin and finally Hair Rejuvenating Spray with 96% natural origin.

Used in combination with INESSENCE Hair Rejuvenating Spray, the new INESSENCE line removes environmental impurities and protects against UV-rays by mimicking the incredible power of nature.

The textured and vibrant fragrance of INESSENCE is composed of a velvety mango petal twist with a honey accord and a hint of ginger, leaving the hair smelling fresh, renewed and recharged.

In order to embody the essence of natural ingredients, INESSENCE is encased within turquoise packaging and an elegant leaf decoration.

Nature and its incredible power to rejuvenate the elements with pure vigour and vitality is the foundation of SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL’s endeavour to create a highly performing natural product. INESSENCE forges a path whereby nature and science walk hand in hand offering a hair care collection that speaks to ingredient conscious clients who do not want to compromise on performance.

Would you like to stock INESSENCE? Contact your Sales Rep or 0860 104 109.


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