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Working on Cruise Ships: Your Questions Answered part 1

What’s life on board like for a hairstylist on a contract with Steiner? Who can apply, what is your working day like, what will you earn, is there an opportunity to travel?

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Q: What qualifications do you need to apply?

A: You must have your NQF4 in ladies’ and gents’ hairdressing to apply. You don’t have to have passed your Trade Test, and working on board can count towards your hours.

Q: How long is a cruise ship contract?

A: Your first contract will be eight months in length and you will be on the ship for the whole of this time.

Q: If I am accepted, how soon will I be working on board?

A: Hairdressers are in high demand on board ship and South African hairdressers are especially sought after as they are known to be skilled, hard workers. If you are accepted you will first complete the intensive 10-day Steiner training at the Cape Town academy, and you could board your first ship just a few weeks later.

Q: What does the training include?

A: There is a strong focus on blow drying and upstyling to create lasting styles. Product knowledge is a big priority as it helps you retail successfully. Your presentation skills and service skills will be enhanced, and you will be taught a number of additional services that you can offer clients on board, such as teeth whitening, lash extensions, keratin smoothing, and advanced barbering.

Q: How much time off do you get a week?

A: You have one and a half days off a week. These are usually port days, so there is the opportunity to explore the area and have amazing experiences and adventures in exotic, dream locations. There are also incentives relating to hours off, and you can be rewarded with extra hours if you exceed your very achievable targets.

Q: Are the earnings tax-free?

A: Yes, according to current South African legislation all earnings from a cruise ship contract are tax-free.

Q: Is there an upper age limit to working on board ship?

A: No, there is no upper age limit! Hairdressers of all ages who are healthy and have a sense of adventure, may apply and your age group will be considered when you are assigned to a ship to ensure you are placed in an environment where you will thrive.

Q: Can you work on board ship if you have tattoos?

A: The rules are that tattoos must be covered during your hours of work, so if you can cover them with clothing or make-up there will be no problem.

Q: Do you have to be a good retailer to succeed?

A: The more enthusiastically you promote your products and services, the more successful you will be. Selling is easy, as top quality products including Kerastase retail products are stocked on board, and it is a tax-free environment so it is cheaper for guests to buy them at sea, than it is on land. Retailing effectively can make a huge difference to your earnings.

Q: What is the food like?

A: The food is incredible – you get three delicious meals a day which are served buffet-style and best of all, it’s free.

Q: What about after hours – are there lots of things to do?

A: As a stylist, you have full deck privileges, and can use all the amenities on board, from enjoying the restaurants to seeing the shows. The night life on the ship is amazing. There are nightclubs, discos, Bingo, movies, and more.

Does travel, adventure, great money, and new horizons every day sound like your dream job?

To apply to work on board ship, sign up using the online form HERE.

A recruitment consultant will be in touch asap to set up a confidential interview.

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