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Hairnews Awards Spotlight: All About the Social Media Category

These days, effective social media marketing and showcasing your work is a vitally important business tool, whether you are a hairstylist or you own a salon.

The Social Media Awards Category gives hairstylists and salons the opportunity to be recognised for excellence in this field. If you love interacting on social media and you have been using it effectively in your business, to promote your services, then this is a category you must enter!

There are two sub categories – the Salon category and the Hairstylist category, which is open to any hairstylist, whether you are employed by a salon or working on your own.

Click HERE to enter Social Media Awards

Please include in the email:

1.Your name and phone number

2.Your salon name and address

3.Are you entering these awards as an individual hairstylist, or a salon?

4.Please include links to your social media pages

5.Write a short explanation of why your social media is effective, and what you do to engage with clients and increase reach

Hairnews Awards entries close on 31 January so make sure you get your entries in by this date at the latest.

The other Awards categories include:

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