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Color Creators Win with Wella Professionals #30DaysofColour

“Life is art. Our stylists live theirs in colour.”

– Wella Professionals’ Brand Manager

It’s beautiful to see your Instagram feed filled with colourful images – with hair that has been coloured to reflect the feeling that summer brings; pink sunsets, the hot orange sun, and clear blue skies.

That’s why we asked Wella hairdressers to create inspired colour looks last December; styles that reflect their technique and artistic vision and are carefully blended to make even the most beautiful summer sunset envious.

The #30DaysofColour competition challenged stylists to used Wella Professionals Color Fresh Create to capture and post their vision to Instagram.

​Terry Scott

Image credit: Terry Scott. Terry Scott Hair Fashion

Veteran stylist, Terry Scott once again proves why he is loved by clients. The owner of Terry Scott Hair Fashion in Durban shows us that technique, experience, and product combine to create a winning hair colour.


• Pre-lighten hair.

• Color Fresh Create: New Blue, Ultra-Purple, High Magenta, Infinite Orange, Tomorrow Clear

• Leave to develop for 40min.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jadie Herbst

Jadie Herbst. Jadie Professionals.

Bloemfontein stylist and owner of Jadie Professionals, Jadie Herbst came in 2nd with her awe-inspiring blended balayage. The colour is a trendy mix of Nu-Dist Pink and High Magenta.


• Pre-lightened hair

• Color Fresh Create: 90g Nu-Dist Pink + 15g High Magenta

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Warren Schultz

Warren Schultz.

In 3rd place, Port Elizabeth hair stylist and barber, Warren Schultz. An incredible take on the seasons bright colours artfully fading from one to the other. A strong look amplified by a shoulder-length cut.


• Pre-lighten away from the root area with 6% developer and WellaPlex

• Zig Zag sections using a blur brush technique

• Colour Fresh Create: Next Red, next section Hyper Coral, then Infinite Orange and Uber Gold


1st Prize: 6 months’ worth of Color Fresh Create Colour

2nd Prize: 4 months’ worth of Color Fresh Create Colour 3rd Prize: 2 months’ worth of Color Fresh Create Colour

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Create

Color Fresh Create is ammonia-, fragrance- and peroxide-free. Its expressive colour palette allows you to experiment more and offers unlimited colour creativity. Depending on the shade used and hair condition, Color Fresh Create will last up to 20 washes gently fading true-to-tone and pastelising during each wash. Your colour will gradually fade into beautiful, soft pastel hues.

Color Fresh Create can be mixed to create deeper tones, pastel tones or vintage tones.

For more colour inspiration follow:



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