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Goldwell Colour of the Year: Digital Teal with Formulas

Goldwell’s Colour of the Year has been announced – and it’s the stunning Digital Teal shade.

This represents a fresh, modern take on the classic blue shade. It’s a fusion of blue and green with a versatile appeal that’s suitable for any season.

The intensity of this colour gives it a modern, head-turning attractiveness that is perfect for clients who are confident wearing creative shades.

According to Goldwell’s Global Creative Director, John Moroney, “Digital Teal is exciting because it’s a fresh, modern twist on a classic blue and is a key shade in our 2020 hair colour trend palette.” He explains that in 2020, colours are shifting from bold brights, and becoming more oxygenated and airy.

Clever combinations of warms and cools are going beyond traditional hair colour, and Goldwell’s trend palette includes cool elumenated shades that combine warms, as well as bold gender-neutral and colourful tones. Digital Teal fits perfectly into this palette.

“It's a forward-thinking and optimistic mood for the beginning of a new decade. With the transformation of any colour into couture by harnessing the power of Elumenation it is possible to create runway-ready tones that are designed to go digital,” Moroney explains.

Here are three formulas to achieve this stunning shade.


20 ml BL@ALL

10 ml TQ@ALL

30 ml AN@5


40 ml SV@10

2 ml BL@ALL

0,5 ml TQ@ALL


40 ml PLAY @BLUE


For more information and education about Digital Teal, please visit Goldwell Education Plus on Youtube!

If you would like to stock Goldwell’s phenomenal colour ranges in your salon, contact 011 312 5070.

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