Dyson Supersonic Professional v2: All About the Technology

The Dyson Supersonic Professional v2 offers incredible performance, speed, balance and quietness. The unique technology represents a giant leap forward and is the reason why top stylists all over the world have fallen in love with this hairdryer.

The v9 Digital Motor

The small and incredibly powerful 1600-watt motor is an average of six times faster than other hairdryer motors, thanks to Air Multiply Technology, which creates high velocity airflow to dry hair faster.

Intelligent Heat Control

The hairdryer measures the temperature 20 times every second, regulating the heat to ensure it never reaches a temperature where it can damage the hair, even during close up styling. This ensures fully protected hair that has brilliant natural shine and condition.

Acoustically Tuned

One of the most amazing features of this dryer is its exceptional quietness, giving a completely different atmosphere in the salon and allowing for conversation between you and your client.

Perfectly Balanced for All Day Use

The Dyson Supersonic is the only hairdryer with the motor in the handle, which makes it extremely light, comfortable and balanced to use. This makes a huge difference on a busy day. If you have ever experienced sore muscles or repetitive strain injury when blowdrying, the Dyson Supersonic Professional will offer a far more comfortable experience without the soreness and strain.

Professional Concentrator

The concentrator’s wider, thinner design offers a powerful and precise air flow that spans the length of your brush. This helps you style larger sections of hair more efficiently, saving you time and effort. You can easily precision-style, focusing on one section at a time without disturbing the rest of the hair. Strong magnetic snap-on, snap-off attachments with 360 degree hold, and cool grip edges make for fast and efficient attachment and removal.

Improved Filter

The new and improved filter has been designed especially to meet the demands of the busiest hairstylist and salon.

3.3 Metre Cable

The perfect length for professional stylists, this longer cable allows for free movement around your client.

Want to know more about the next-level technology packed into the 700 gram Dyson Supersonic Professional dryer? Watch the video below.

Order your Dyson Supersonic Professional v2 dryer today and you and your clients can experience the difference for yourself.

To order your dryer or enquire about the special hairstylist price, call Customer Helpline: 087 807 9353 or Email: dysonsales@tudortech.co.za

For more information, click HERE.

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