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Business Advice: Structure your Salon Systems for Smooth Running

If you had the feeling in December that there was never quite enough time, and that you could have streamlined your days more efficiently, you are probably right. The problem is that when it’s busy, there isn’t enough time to streamline, and when it’s quiet, you forget about the need to streamline.

The answer is to force yourself to do it in the quieter months, thinking ahead to when the pace warms up again.

• What problems did you experience in December and if you had your time over, how could you have solved them?

• Did you have any issues with stock or services that could have been avoided with more accurate planning?

• Were you adequately staffed, and if not, what would be the right time to bring in some extra hands, even if part time?

• Are you happy with your booking system and did it work for you?

• Did you have time to manage your clients and also cope with social media and promos – if you ran short of time, is there a better way you could handle this?

These are just some of the questions you might need to ask yourself, in order to set yourself up for better success now, when things get busier again.

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