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Plum Hair Don’t Care by Stefan Ellis, Colour Lab Hair Studio, George

Sometimes clients need something different, and deeper, and more striking – and all things are possible with the correct products, techniques and expertise! Here’s how Stefan created this look.

When I started doing this clients hair it was very damaged due to previous bleaching. I have done 2 full heads of foils on this client before, doing only the roots and blending the blond down the hair with very fine and tightly packed foils. Followed by a correcting toner for 20 min.

Olaplex was used in every step of the process to ensure the health of the hair is restored on the inside and zero damage. Olaplex No 2 was applied for 25 min after rinsing the toner on both visits.

This time we did something different. Instead of filling the blond hair with pigment before we start our colouring process, I coloured the roots with 5.00 and 6.65 and 20 vol. to create a darker base. After 10 min of developing, I blended the colour down the hair shaft with my fingers and a comb. I gently combed some of the colour down the hair to create a blend. I left that for another 10 min then I applied 5. 56 with 10 vol to the mid length and ends completely saturating the hair. Left on the hair for 30 min then rinse, Olaplex No 2 for 30 min, shampoo, condition, cut and blow and we’re ready to go!

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