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Effective Goal Setting: Business Advice from Milkshake

Team Milkshake wishes all salon owners and stylists a prosperous 2020 filled with health, happiness and huge profits.

We all are extremely excited to start the new year with drive and determination. However we often fall into the trap to fire away without direction or setting clear goals and objectives.

Without goals, targets and objectives, - no business and/or career can be successful in achieving and maintaining profitability and longevity.

Setting goals shouldn’t be a daunting task. Make it easy:

1. Have a goal

2. Have a plan

3. Do it.

Have a goal:

Be it a short medium or long term goal, - determine the specifics that you want to achieve and confirm it in writing. A written goal cannot be erased and will haunt you until achieved.

Here are some examples of short, medium and long term goals.

Short term goal: e.g. allow 12 months to save towards your children’s school fees

Medium term goal: e.g. set yourself a target of 24 months to save towards an overseas holiday

Long term goal: e.g. you would like to save towards a deposit on a residential or commercial property

Have a plan:

The only way to eat an elephant is in bite sized pieces. Break your timeline and goals down into achievable and logical steps. Write these steps down and remind yourself frequently what you have to do in order to achieve your goals and objectives.

Do it:

Now put your plan in action by having a disciplined approach to measuring yourself. Be strict on yourself and others in achieving your goals.

A very easy way to assist you in achieving goals, is to place pictures in prominent spots in your home and at work to remind yourself what you would like to achieve. Create this story board by using pictures from magazines of your favourite holiday / kids school clothes and maybe a home and or car. Remind yourself as much as possible of what you would like to achieve. This way your goals will stay top of mind and you will constantly remain motivated to achieve them.

Team Milkshake invites you to contact us to discuss how Milkshake Hair Care products can assist your salon in achieving your profitability and customer retention targets. Current participating Milkshake salons are enjoying the benefits of great gross profit margins, discounts and rebates on professional and retail products.

Good luck in your goal setting, and we’ll check up in a few weeks’ time on how your year is progressing.

The Milkshake Team

If you would like to find out more about this bestselling range, or stock it in your salon, contact milk_shake:

Head Office: 021 552 2369 | Email: or | Facebook | Twitter

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