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Change Your Life in 2020 with a Cruise Ship Contract

Do you feel like you want to do more, be more, achieve more, and earn more in your hairdressing career?

Let 2020 be your year of change and adventure. A contract on board ship can enhance your CV, give you sought-after skills that will provide incredible value in your career, broaden your horizons and job opportunities. It’s the most amazing way to see the world and experience destinations you’ve only dreamed of visiting – and getting paid for it, in tax-free dollars, with all your living expenses, food, and accommodation covered.

Here are some quotes from top hairstylists and industry personalities who have experienced this adventure, as well as leading salon owners who explain why a contract on board ship will enhance your CV.

The Travelling

I was so privileged to travel every continent, and itinerary. Each contract I chose to see a new part of the world , ie Mediterranean , Baltics , Russia , USA , east and west coast. Alaska , Caribbean , British isles , Greenland , Iceland Panama canal , Singapore , HongKong , Osaka , Okinawa to name a few! – Kenneth Melville Fisher

One of my biggest highlights was diving in Cozumel (Mexico). Jet-skiing in the Bahamas at crazy speeds was fabulous. Then some days I just wanted to lay in a hammock and have people serve me drinks and food and spend time with friends. The shopping in Miami was great. I would advise everyone to never miss an opportunity to do excursions and enjoy your contract. – Riana Stemmet, Stellenbosch Academy

The On Board Experience

The crew are so well looked after by everyone. As stylists you have full deck privileges. In other words, you may use all the amenities onboard , ie restaurants, shows, etc! I am in touch with friends I have made all over the globe to this day and value and treasure my travels! – Kenneth Melville Fisher

It was the experience of a lifetime, with different cultures and food. The formal nights were my favourite and there were two formal nights on every cruise. Salon life was basically like a hair salon on land, we coloured, cut, blowdried, and did a lot of upstyles. I hosted the hair show in the pamper parties the spa used to offer the guests onboard. We also educated guests on hair and explaining the importance of looking after their hair.

We worked extremely hard, but we partied harder! I am still in contact with all my friends abroad who are friends for life. – Tammy Erasmus

The Training

What I loved most about Steiner is they pushed you to your ends and showed you can go further. Their on board training is endless and their management training can take you further than you thought possible. I learned to show more leadership with my guests in the salon, and to work around a language barrier using only hand signals... It made me a stronger person and more business minded within the salon environment. – Baylee Strike, Grant Harper

Career Enhancement

In terms of experience, it was my “soft skills” that were shaped to the highest quality. I learned so much about people, cultures, time management, targets and consistency. The clientele expected the best, so you have to have the discipline of performance in you. This experience allowed me to be better in more areas than just the “hair side”, thus made me more confident in an interview. Employers understand that if someone successfully completed their contract with Steiner that there are certain disciplines that will just be part of you for the rest of your life. – Riana Stemmet, Stellenbosch Academy

It made me a stronger person; I made awesome friends and learned to better myself in my trade. I don’t think I would be where I am today without this. Once you have been a Steiner, you can do anything and work under extreme pressure, and not fail. My advice to others considering doing this? You’d be an idiot not to do it! – Charles Junior Louw, Hashtag Colour Lounge

Employability of Cruise Ship Stylists

They are good team players who have learned to work well with their colleagues as well as their clients. Cruise ship hairdressers seem to handle difficult situations better and are more well balanced. They work hard and their work ethic is amazing. Once off the ships, they are very motivated to move ahead and build a clientele on land. They are ambitious hairstylists who are already on a very definite career journey. All we can do is keep them with us and continue growing them for as long as we can, as they are huge assets to the salon. – Andrew Guilfoyle, Scar Hair

Why Steiner?

Watch this video for more testimonials from Steiner recruiters who share their experiences on board.

Do you want to change your life and career in 2020?

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